Institute for Health Protection

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Closing the gap between knowledge and practice

Closing the gap between knowledge and practice, advances in healthcare are happening every day. The development of lifesaving therapies, a better understanding of disease states, the application of computers and technology to medicine — breakthroughs are occurring at a pace that is staggering. However, there is a lag between these proven advances and their adoption at the non-academic level. We at IHP are dedicated to accelerating the movement of new, evidence-based healthcare knowledge into everyday practice at the community level.

Design and Implementation

We design and implement educational programs using our extensive network of academic, clinical, community, corporate, governmental, and nonprofit resources to achieve the common goal of improving healthcare outcomes in the communities that need it most. We bring together the right mix of expertise and key thought leaders to build both accredited and non-accredited health education programs that help to close the gap between knowledge and practice.